Buffalo Woman's Obituary Goes Viral: "She HATED Tom Brady"

Carole Scarsella passed away earlier this month on July 19th, and her obituary has gone viral.

The obit included "5 Things About Carole" and the one that grabbed the attention of everyone was #4: "She was an avid sports fan. She loved the Yankees and Lebron James. She HATED Tom Brady."

Nick Veronica from NBC Sports tweeted a picture of the full obituary this week.

Scarsella's granddaughter retweeted it, along with a link to the article on the News 4 Buffalo website and wrote, "While you’re remembering her hatred of Tom Brady also remember that she was probably the best woman ever and did a lot for her kids and grandkids!"

You can read the full obituary below or click here to view it. As you can see, she definitely sounded like great woman that loved her family and enjoyed living life to the fullest. Condolences to her friends and family. #RIP Carole.

Photo: Getty Images

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