Some Guy In Virginia Trademarked A Bunch Of The Redskins Nickname Options

The Washington Redskins have announced that they are going to "retire the Redskins name and logo," but they didn't say what they are going with for the new name. Why? I think there might be a trademark issue.

According to Yahoo, several Washington Post reporters say the preferred pick for the team’s new name is already trademarked by somebody else.

I'm not sure who owns it, but there is a guy in Virginia that has already trademarked a bunch of the new nickname options, and setup a website with a page for for each of them: Warriors, Monuments, Arrows, Veterans, Pandas, Founders, Federals and Red-Tailed Hawks.

Will Brinson from CBS Sports tweeted the details about it earlier today and said, "Why don't the Redskins have a new nickname planned yet? Probably because some realtor in Alexandria beat them to the punch and trademarked every single possible new Redskins nickname. Well, played sir." You can check out that tweet with all of the details below.

Well played indeed.

Photo: Getty Images

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