PA Preliminary School Reopening Guidance

The PA Department of Education shared preliminary school reopening guidance that allows elementary and secondary schools in Yellow/Green phase counties to resume in-person instruction and activities beginning July.

"The Wolf administration remains committed to the safety and welfare of students, faculty and staff, and any reopening plan must be rooted in these principles," said Secretary of Education Pedro A. Rivera. "As school leaders resume instruction in the 2020-21 school year, the department recognizes the need for preliminary guidance to aid in planning for a return to in-person instruction, delivery of services, and resumption of extracurricular activities."

The schools will be required to develop and follow a health and safety plan that outlines strategies for safe operations. The plans will need to be 'tailored to the unique needs of each school and reflect a comprehensive, community approach created in consultation with local health agencies.'

"Plans must encompass several elements, including identifying a pandemic coordinator or team to lead response efforts; steps to protect high-risk children and staff who may be at higher risk; processes for monitoring students and staff for symptoms; guidelines for hygiene practices; processes for cleaning and disinfecting; guidelines for the use of face masks; protocols for social distancing; and procedures for restricting large gatherings."

They shared additional guidelines that allow postsecondary institutions and adult basic education programs to resume on June 5, following the same strategies.

You can read the full announcement HERE.

You and find the guidance and resource documents HERE.

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