Wondering What A Drive-In Concert Might Look Like?

Wondering what a drive-in concert might look like?

City Stadium in Richmond, VA is set to host a drive-in show in the parking lot on June 13th with the band Three Sheets To The Wind. Tickets are available at etix.com, and according to the event page, there are a lot of rules and regulations that have to be followed.

What kind of rules and regs? Well, there a total of 20 of them, but the following six stood out the most to me:

  • All attendees must arrive within a vehicle that is two axles and holding a maximum of 4 people, including children. No campers, motorcycles, buses, or extremely large vehicles will be admitted. No jeeps without doors or convertibles with tops down. No vehicles towing trailers will be admitted.
  • Absolutely no sitting on your car, standing on your car or exiting the vehicle before, after or during the event. NO LAWN OR CAMPING CHAIRS PERMITTED! NO SITTING IN THE BED OF A PICKUP TRUCK.
  • There is absolutely no leaving your vehicle unless there is an essential need, i.e. bathroom breaks. If you must leave your car to use the restroom - WEAR A MASK. (there will be portable toilets available)
  • The parking lot will open one hour prior to the start of the show. We suggest arriving early -- parking is first-come-first serve.
  • All audio will be streamed via FM transmitter. Please make sure to arrive with a working FM radio in your vehicle or you will not be able to listen to the show. Portable boomboxes and stereos are permissible for vehicles without a functional car stereo.
  • Absolutely no alcohol and/or illegal substances will be permitted at the event or inside your vehicle and violators will be held accountable and prosecuted by state and federal law.

There have already been some drive-in concerts held in other countries.

The photo above was taken a the first concert in the BonnLive concert series that happened earlier this month in Onn, Germany, and I've also included some videos below featuring some other drive-in shows that have happened in Germany, Denmark, and South Korea. They provide a more detailed look and will give you a much better feel of what the show in Virginia next month might look like.

Photo: Getty Images

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