Zoom is opening an R&D center in Pittsburgh

Zoom announced earlier today in a blog post that they are looking to expand. They confirmed that they would be opening two new research and development centers—one in Pittsburgh and the other in Austin. While the locations in each city are not finalized, they are looking to be near Carnegie Mellon. 

“Both Phoenix and Pittsburgh have incredibly well-educated, skilled, and diverse talent pools that are well-positioned to help support Zoom’s ongoing growth and continued success,” said Eric S. Yuan, CEO of Zoom. “We plan to hire up to 500 software engineers between these two cities in the next few years, drawing largely on recent graduates of the many local universities. We look forward to expanding our team and seeing what we accomplish together as we continue to build our world-leading video communications platform with best-in-class reliability, scalability, privacy, and security.”

Read more on the blog post HERE.

Thumbnail courtesy of Getty Images

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