UPDATED: Daily Allegheny County COVID-19 Update - April, 23rd

Updated 4/23/2020 1:30 PM

The PA Department of Health held a press update today at 1:30p. A few notes from the briefing are below. You can watch the full live stream below.

Dr. Levine

  • Earlier this week, we started to include cases that were in the 'probable' category. This could be confusing.
    • Confirmed cases are just that, cases that have been confirmed by a COVID-19 test.
    • Some of the probable cases are cases that are still under investigation. Some will be switched to confirmed after investigation. Others will remain as 'probable' as it might not be possible to get an explicit confirmation. This could happen, for example, if the person passes away and no test is completed.
    • Because of this, you could see a lowering of our total case #'s reported today. Some of these cases still require further investigation.
    • To stay transparent, we want to report as much information as possible.
  • To date, there have been 1,421 deaths.
    • Probable deaths have been removed from this number due to the need for further investigation.
  • Reopening a region will take all 'confirmed' data into consideration as well as inserting that data into up-to-date infection modeling.
  • As of now we will not be able to test asymptomatic people, but we will be relaxing our testing criteria to allow additional people showing symptoms to get a test.
  • We are still looking for ways to increase our testing capacity, including working with pharmacies with test centers like Rite-Aid.
  • Statewide support and referral hotline - 1 (855) 284-2494
  • Mental Crisis Text Line. Text 'PA to 741741
  • Stay Calm. Stay Home. Stay Safe.

Updated 4/23/2020 1:00 PM

The Pennsylvania Dept. of Health shared updated COVID-19 numbers for the state. As of this morning, there are an additional 1,369 positive cases. That brings the total count in PA to 37,053. There have been 1,394 deaths statewide. 142,061 patients have bested negative. You can see the updated statewide map, HERE.

Breakdown of cases in Western Pennsylvania:

  • Allegheny Co.: 1149 cases, 69 deaths, 12625 negatives
  • Butler Co.: 164 cases, 6 deaths, 1944 negatives
  • Beaver Co.: 319 cases, 46 deaths, 1667 negatives
  • Washington Co.: 92 cases, 2 deaths, 1722 negatives
  • Greene Co.: 25 cases, 358 negatives
  • Fayette Co.: 71 cases, 3 deaths, 1475 negatives
  • Westmoreland Co.: 307 cases, 17 deaths, 3801 negatives
  • Indiana Co.: 59 cases, 4 deaths, 488 negatives
  • Armstrong Co.: 43 cases, 2 deaths, 552 negatives
  • Clarion Co.: 20 cases, 1 deaths, 391 negatives
  • Venango Co.: 7 cases, 199 negatives
  • Forest Co.: 7 cases, 21 negatives
  • Lawrence Co.: 61 cases, 5 deaths, 585 negatives
  • Mercer Co.: 60 cases, 1 deaths, 560 negatives

Original Article: 4/23/2020 11:23 AM

Allegheny County Health Department released their daily update for COVID-19 cases in the area.

As of this morning, there are now 1,149 cases (confirmed or probable) in the county. 204 of those cases (past or present) have required hospitalization. Out of those 204, eighty have been admitted to the ICU with forty-nine requiring the use of a ventilator. There have been sixty-nine deaths. 13,755 test have been administered.

An interactive map of case locations as well as their COVID-19 Dashboard is available HERE.

Breakdown of cases by age group:

  • 0-9 years: 7
  • 10-19 years: 16
  • 20-29 years: 185
  • 30-39 years: 147
  • 40-49 years: 145
  • 50-59 years: 216
  • 60-69 years: 185
  • 70+ years: 248
"Today’s 1,149 cases include an increase in cases reported today is due to a laboratory adding results to the system in a batch reflecting tests conducted over several days.
This number includes 1,119 confirmed cases and 30 probable cases. A case is probable when the person displays symptoms of COVID-19 and has had close contact with a confirmed positive case but has not had a positive test themselves. We are including probable cases to better assess the level of community spread.
To date, there have been 69 deaths (-5). The data provided by ACHD is extracted from the state’s reporting system. When reviewing the deaths reported yesterday, ACHD staff identified a number of duplicates. The decrease in the number of deaths is due to the removal of those duplicates from the county-specific data. Of reported deaths, 62 are confirmed (had positive test) and 7 probables. A probable death is one where COVID-19 is listed on the deceased’s death certificate, but the person never had a positive test for the virus. All deaths are of individuals ranging in age from 42-103, with 83 being the median age of those who have died."

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