Daily Allegheny County COVID-19 Update - April, 22nd

The Pennsylvania Dept. of Health shared updated COVID-19 numbers for the state. As of this morning, there are an additional 1,156 positive cases. That brings the total count in PA to 35,684. There have been 1,622 deaths statewide. 136,272 patients have bested negative. You can see the updated statewide map, HERE.

Breakdown of cases in Western Pennsylvania:

  • Allegheny Co.: 1088 cases, 74 deaths, 11959 negatives
  • Butler Co.: 164 cases, 7 deaths, 1876 negatives
  • Beaver Co.: 317 cases, 47 deaths, 1638 negatives
  • Washington Co.: 87 cases, 2 deaths, 1616 negatives
  • Greene Co.: 25 cases, 347 negatives
  • Fayette Co.: 70 cases, 3 deaths, 1394 negatives
  • Westmoreland Co.: 300 cases, 20 deaths, 3581 negatives
  • Indiana Co.: 56 cases, 4 deaths, 459 negatives
  • Armstrong Co.: 39 cases, 2 deaths, 505 negatives
  • Clarion Co.: 19 cases, 1 deaths, 384 negatives
  • Venango Co.: 6 cases, 191 negatives
  • Forest Co.: 7 cases, 20 negatives
  • Lawrence Co.: 61 cases, 6 deaths, 550 negatives
  • Mercer Co.: 59 cases, 1 deaths, 538 negatives

Allegheny County Health Department released their daily update for COVID-19 cases in the area.

As of this morning, there are now 1,088 cases (confirmed or probable) in the county. 196 of those cases (past or present) have required hospitalization. There have been seventy-four deaths (confirmed or probable).

An interactive map of case locations as well as their COVID-19 Dashboard is available HERE.

"The 1,088 number of cases includes 1,052 confirmed and 36 probable cases. A case is probable when the person displays symptoms of COVID-19 and has had close contact with a confirmed positive case but has not had a test themselves.
Additionally, there have been 74 deaths (+7) related to COVID-19. Of reported deaths, 59 are confirmed (had a positive test) and 15 probable. A probable death is one where COVID-19 is listed on the deceased’s death certificate, but the person never had a positive test for the virus. All deaths are of individuals ranging in age from 42-103, with 84 being the median age of those who have died."

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