West Virginia Counties Ban Liquor Sales To Out Of State Residents

Two counties in the state of West Virginia are banning liquor sales to out of state residents to help limit the spread of COVID-19 across state lines.

On Saturday, an order from the Monongalia County Health Department restricting the sales of spirits and liquor to WV residents only went into effect. According to MetroNews, that order also limits customers to three items per purchase.

Officials from the Hancock County Health Department also announced a similar order over the weekend that goes into effect on Monday 4/6 at 12:00pm. Anyone who wants to buy liquor there must have some form of ID issued by the state of WV. Only 10 people will be allowed inside the store at the same time, and an employee will be outside to verify IDs before letting them inside.

Read the full press release from Hancock County here.

Photo: Getty Images

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