Landlord Tells Tenants Not To Worry About Rent During Coronavirus Pandemic

Here's some good news about a landlord in Toronto named Chris Boyes!

Boyes recently sent an email to his tenants telling them not to worry about their rent for the foreseeable future.

He wrote, “I know a lot of you have lost your jobs and are struggling. This is an unprecedented time and I know what it's like to have no source of income....I really don’t care about money right now, I care about YOU."

According to The Star, he has been busy this week trying to organize his own books as he freezes rent for his 36 tenants. Boyes told The Star, “My tenants are people, and I think we should treat them as such."

Boyes also offered to help if anyone needed essential items like groceries or medicine, and closed the email by saying, "You shouldn't be struggling to find a roof for your family. Please do not hesitate to call if you need to talk about anything. I'm here for you."

One of the tenants took a screenshot of the email and sent it to her brother, and he posted it on Twitter.

Photo: Getty Images

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