All "Non-Life-Sustaining" Businesses to Close in PA

Update: 3/20/2020 9:25 PM

Gov. Tom Wolf announced that enforcement of businesses failing to adhere to his shutdown order is being pushed back till Monday Morning at 8am.

"Due to the high volume of waiver requests, we are delaying enforcement of our order that non-life-sustaining businesses in Pennsylvania must close their physical locations to slow the spread of COVID-19.
Businesses that were non-life sustaining were ordered to close their physical locations on March 19, at 8:00 PM. This order stands, only the enforcement timing will change and become effective on Monday, March 23, at 8:00 AM."

An updated list of "Life-Sustaining-Businesses", has been released. Check it out HERE!

Original Article: 3/19/2020 5:47 PM

Gov. Tom Wolf ordered all "Non-Life-Sustaining" businesses to close their physical locations starting at 8 pm Thursday. Grocery stores, Pharmacies, and more can stay open. 

“To protect the health and safety of all Pennsylvanians, we need to take more aggressive mitigation actions,” said Wolf. “This virus is an invisible danger that could be present everywhere. We need to act with the strength we use against any other severe threat. And, we need to act now before the illness spreads more widely.”

CLICK HERE to see if a business qualifies as Non-life-sustaining vs. life-sustaining. See New LIST ABOVE.

CLICK HERE to read the Governors full order.

Businesses that do not comply will result in enforcement action taken against them, which could include citations, fines, or license suspensions.

Food providers can still offer carry-out, delivery, and drive-thru food services.

You can watch the full announcement here.

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