UPMC's South Side COVID-19 Testing Facility is Up and Running

Coronavirus testing has gotten underway at the UPMC South Side test site in Pittsburgh’s South Side.

A patient shared their account of the experience at the former emergency room with Pittsburgh Post Gazette. She was told to expect test results within 48 hours.

The Post Gazette believes the three current 'presumptive' cases in Allegheny county might of come from UPMC's lab.

The three presumptive cases were not classified yet as “confirmed,” the county said, because “they are from a lab that just started testing and require confirmation.”
UPMC’s lab is the only new lab operating in the region. The state’s lab, and four commercial labs – ARUP, Mayo, Quest Diagnostics and Lab Corp. – have all been up and running for awhile and no longer require confirmation.

You can read the full article here.

Image Courtesy of Getty Images

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