Generous Customer Leaves $2,500 Tip To Help Staff Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Restaurant workers/owners are being hit hard as recent orders were announced that bars/restaurants in specific counties were to close their dine-in facilities to aid in the fight against the spread of coronavirus.

However, a recent act of kindness from a generous customer left one bar and grill in Ohio with a glimmer of light in this intense time of crisis.

This "loyal, amazing patron" left a $2,500 tip at Coaches Bar and Grill in Columbus to help out its staff before they close due to coronavirus pandemic.

According to WCMH, Coaches employee Benny Leonard said, “It brought some of them to tears, they are going to split it, 13 ways and it’s going to help them and we are a family and we will get through it together,”. 

In a time where good news seems sparse and the days seem a bit cloudy, this is definitely a ray of light!

Thumbnail courtesy of Getty Images.

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