History Of The Terrible Towel

Terrible Towel - Fans

December 27, 1975, the Terrible Towel was born!

It started as a "gimmick" that the legendary Myron Cope came up with for the playoff game between the Steelers and then Baltimore Colts, and ended up becoming an icon and something that is now a staple in the homes of all Steelers fans all over the world!

The Steelers ended up winning that game 28-10, and went on to beat the Cowboys in Super Bowl X.

The story of the Terrible Towel is best told by the late Mryon Cope, so I included a couple videos of him talking about it below.

Here's a picture of my Terrible Towel...as you can probably notice, it has never been washed!

Terrible Towel - Tyson

Photo of Fans with Terrible Towels: Getty Images

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