Remembering Jack Maloy

The WDVE family has suffered a terrible loss today (8/28) with the passing of Jack Maloy. Jack was on the air at 102.5 for 36 years. He worked all night during the overnight shift. When he was promoted to 7 to midnight for a while, he apparently hated the better hours. When he moved back to overnights he was happy again in a time slot that he kept for the rest of his career. He retired in 2013.

He loved records and at one point amassed a huge collection. His favorite place to eat and just generally “hang out” was at Kelly O’s Diner. One of our favorite things was to read the notes he would leave us. He had handwriting that was so difficult to read, there were only two of us on staff that could translate.

When his daughter asked about his final wish, Jack asked for a milkshake, a orange Fanta, and to hear AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” one last time.

Rock on Jack Maloy.


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