Man's Heartbeat Returned To Normal After Ambulance Hit A Pothole

A Nebraska man is lucky to be alive after he started experiencing the symptoms of a severe heart condition while at work. Paramedics were rushing the man to the hospital with an abnormal heartbeat when it spiked to nearly 200 beats per minute.

While EMTs were busy trying to stabilize the man during the 20-minute drive to the hospital, the ambulance hit a pothole and miraculously, the man's heartbeat returned to normal.

"It's rare, but it's a well-described phenomenon," Dr. Andrew Goldsweig, of Nebraska Medicine, told NBC6. "One way to treat (a rapid heartbeat) is with an electrical shock. Classically, you'll see it on television, the paddles, (someone saying) 'Clear' and a big jolt. Turns out, you can do that with a pothole."

The man, who was not identified to protect his privacy, is expected to make a full recovery.

Photo: Getty Images

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