Woman Breaks World Record - Stops Fan With Tongue

Welcome to the Guiness World Records Italian Show, a weekly video series which features the most astonishing, shocking and awe-inspiring record attempts.

This week we see Australian circus and side-show entertainer Zoe Ellis (aka Zoe L'Amore) attempt to break her own record for the most electric fan blades stopped using the tongue, in one minute. 

Holding a 35 watt fan in each hand, both set on the highest speed setting, Zoe needs to stop the blades more than 20 times to achieve a new record.

The fearless performer manages to stop the blades a total of 16 times and successfully achieves a huge new record of 32.

Shortly after this feat, though another woman broke the Guinness World Record at 35. However, Zoe still holds the record for most mouse traps released on the tongue in one minute by a female at 24. Yikes!

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