This Foo Fighters Mash-Up of John Lennon with Van Halen Is Awesome

The music of John Lennon's "Imagine" mashed up with the lyrics from Van Halen's "Jump" is something you need to hear!  And thanks to the Foo Fighters, you can.  They were recently messing around during a rehearsal, did just that, and posted the video online.  

The caption on YouTube reads "Woodshedding for the summer tour has never felt so good....see you out there....(I’ll learn the words by then, I swear)Thanks to Mighty Mike for the inspirado. (Oh, and Halen and Lennon, too)."  

So does that mean this be on the setlist when the Foos hit the road this year?  Let's hope so!

Prepare to have your mind blown, then push play on the vid below.  

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