Billy Gibbons Issues Statement About Sydney Shows

We are finally getting to hear the other side of this story, and it all makes sense now.

Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top did some show last weekend in Australia, and the fans were upset because he only played 3-4 songs each night.  Turns out, any songs he played were actually a bonus, because the shows were never supposed to really include music.  The "Up Close & Personal" tour he is on right now is actually just Billy telling stories, talking hot rods, sharing some riffs, and maybe playing a song or two.  However, it was NOT billed that way!

Here's the statement released by one of Billy's spokespersons this week in response to the angry fans:

"Mr. Gibbons was contracted to appear on those dates to discuss his passion for custom cars and hot rods, and to sign autographs and greet fans with no musical component called for or anticipated in the arrangement... Based on that understanding, he didn’t even bring, nor did he request musical equipment appropriate to such a performance. It appears that these dates were promoted in such a way as miscommunication to ticket holders that a substantial musical performance would be part of these events. Billy Gibbons...regrets that his role in those dates appears to have been grossly misstated."

Yep...totally NOT his fault!

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