The Best 10 Albums of 2017, According to Tyson

It's that time of the year, everybody is releasing their lists of the Best Albums of 2017.  I have to be honest here...I really don't agree with any of them!

Rolling Stone has ranked Kendrick Lamar's "DAMN." at number 1 on their list.  However, they had the Foo Fighter's "Concrete and Gold" at #49....REALLY?

I saw that and decided to create my own list.  The Best 10 Albums of 2017, According to Tyson.  Like the Rolling Stone list, I'm sure not everyone will agree with it, but at least I didn't rank the Foos at the bottom, and I also didn't forget about Nickelback!

The criteria for my list is simple: I have to be able to listen to the whole album multiple times without skipping any tracks and thoroughly enjoy every single minute of it.

#10: Nickelback "Feed the Machine"

Yeah, Nickelback released a new album this year, and I'm guessing a lot of people listened to it really loud and by themselves in the car.  What they didn't do was talk about how great it was, because they were scared of what their friends might think.  It's no secret, I dig Nickelback's music, so this one makes the list.  It's a solid record.  Go ahead, check it out....I won't tell anybody!  

#9: Greta Van Fleet "From The Fires"

I did a blog post about this one earlier this week.  I know, it's technically only a Double EP, but it's killer, and I feel like leaving it off of this list because it only has 8 songs would just be wrong.  

#8: Chris Stapleton "From a Room: Volume 1 and Volume 2"

Yeah, I know, this is country music, but I like all kinds of music, so I have to include this one.  It's just damn good.  The only complaint I had about "From a Room" was that it got split up into 2 volumes and I had to wait for Volume 2 after wearing out Volume 1.  Stapleton is a super talented artist, and for country music releases in 2017, it doesn't get any better than this.

#7: Queens of the Stone Age "Villains"

Don't think this one should be on the list?  Turn your speakers or headphones all the way up, play the song below, then listen to the rest of the album.  When you're done, you don't have to tell me I'm right, but you'll probably want to.

#6: Jack Johnson "All The Light Above Too"

Sometimes I just need some laid back tunes with a tropical feel.  When that's the case, Jack Johnson is always my go to, and after 4 years, he once again blessed our ears with a really great record.

#5: Gregg Allman "Southern Blood"

I'm gonna miss Gregg Allman, but I'm really glad that he left us one more gem of an album before he passed away.  Nuff said.

#4: Robert Plant "Carry Fire"

We're probably not going to get new Led Zeppelin anytime soon (or ever), but the solo Robert Plant stuff will do just fine.  

PS: He gets bonus points for bringing some pretty cool special guests in for this album.

#3 311 "Mosaic"

Yeah, I'm a big 311 fan, so I was pretty stoked when they released this one.  I've spent more than a couple nights in the backyard kicking back some cold ones making the neighbors listen to "Mosaic!"

#2 Kid Rock "Sweet Southern Sugar"

Say what you will about Kid Rock, but I've been rocking out to his stuff since the early days, and as they say, some things will never change.  I've had this one cranked up in my truck many times since it's release.  And let's be straight up honest here - there aren't many people that could pull off a cover of "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch" like this one!

#1 Foo Fighters "Concrete and Gold"

If you read the beginning of this post, you probably guessed that this would top my list.  Honestly, it was the one album I really really really looked forward to coming out this year, and when it dropped, it exceeded my expectations big time.  

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