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The Century III Classic Jingle...Isn’t Unique to Pittsburgh!?!?

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Century 3 Chevrolet posted the message below to Facebook.

Pittsburgh, thank you for making the Century 3 Chevrolet jingle a classic.

UPDATE 10:15am.

A faithful listener did some heavy digging. Looks like PGH might not of been the first.


Get ready to have your minds blown.... The jingle we've been singing all our lives, turns out to not be unique to Pittsburgh. I didn't want to believe it either but, it appears to be true. Looks like that jingle was peddled across the US.

Check out the Southtown Ford Commercial from Texas below. Basically identical. Same voices, similar graphical style...all it's missing is the 'minutes from the mall' portion.

Let's all sing it together. "Century III Chevrolet, Lebanon Church Road, Pittsburgh.....Minutes from the mall". Still feels like home to us tho.

If anyone knows of any other cities that share the jingle, send them to us!


Pete Ellis Dealers in California. While it doesn't have the same singing voices, it has the same structure.

Westside Chevrolet in Katy, Texas. Same voices. Not same graphics.

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