The Worst Statues of Sports Legends

When it comes to some of the well-known characters in the world of sports, there are some beautiful tributes, sculptured in bronze. However, there are others that really missed the mark.

David Beckham

Is it Marvel Comic's Silver Surfer or a soccer icon/male model? He's not even wearing a uniform here; just a pair of tighty-whities. It was part of a 2012 ad campaign for H&M underwear.

Walter Johnson

They should put this in a haunted house. It's a depiction of old-time Washington Senators ballplayer Walter Johnson. The initial idea was to depict Johnson "in motion," but the resulting mess makes the pitcher resemble a demon released from the bowels of hell. 

Wayne Gretsky

The Great One looks more like the Frumpy One. This stands outside the arena where the Edmonton Oilers play, to honor his time with the team. The statue weights nearly 1000 lbs. and stands over nine feet. It depicts Gretzky holding a Stanley Cup and what looks like a basic t-shirt, rather than a hockey jersey.

Arthur Ashe

A tennis superstar, who was also an activist. With that said, why the does his statue in Richmond, Virginia show Ashe dangling a book just out of reach of a group of kids who appear thirsty for knowledge? To be fair, the statue also depicts a tennis racket in Ashe's other hand.

Cristiano Ronaldo

 A statue recently unveiled at a Portugal airport renamed in the soccor star's honor. The bizarre effigy quickly got worldwide viral attention. The bust's creator, Emanuel Santos, tried to defend it saying, "It is impossible to please the Greeks and Trojans".

Stan Musial

St. Louis Cardinals icon Stan Musial kinda has a Stretch Armstrong thing going on here. Maybe it's the placement of his belt, or the length of his hips. Regardless, the quality of Musial's statue pales in comparison to his play on the field. Sorry, Stan.

Andy Murray

There's a tradition at China's Shanghai Rolex Masters where tournament champs get a terracotta statue of themselves. Tennis superstar Andy Murray won the competition in 2010, so of course he gets this: a Revolutionary War-era hairdo and a scowl, with an armor-type cape around his shoulders.

Harry Caray

"Holy Cow!" is right. The good news? Cubs legend Harry Caray, one of the most well-known announcers in baseball history, has a statue outside of Chicago's Wrigley Field. The bad news? Caray's likeness is reminiscent of a flesh-eating zombie.

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