Daily Allegheny County COVID-19 - May 7th

Allegheny County Health Department released their daily update for COVID-19 cases in the area.

As of this morning, there are 45 new cases in the county with a total of 1,439 cases (confirmed or probable). 254 of those cases (past or present) have required hospitalization. Out of those 254, one-hundred-six have been admitted to the ICU with sixty-two requiring the use of a ventilator. There have been one-hundred-seventeen deaths. 19,263 test have been administered.

An interactive map of case locations as well as their COVID-19 Dashboard is available HERE.

Breakdown of cases by age group:

  • 0-9 years: 8
  • 10-19 years: 20
  • 20-29 years: 212
  • 30-39 years: 186
  • 40-49 years: 183
  • 50-59 years: 265
  • 60-69 years: 241
  • 70+ years: 324

Breakdown of cases by gender:

  • Female: 53%
  • Male: 47%
"The data reflected in these updates include information reported to the department in the past 24 hours since March 14 when the first case was reported in the county. For information relative to number of cases by date the test was taken and deaths by date of death, visit the county’s dashboard at https://bit.ly/ACHDcovid-19. It is updated each day by noon.
The increase in the number of cases reported today is due to delayed reporting from a new lab. The positive tests span several days."

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