Mystical Psychic Fair

1:00 – 3:00 Workshop on Tarot Card Spreads with Wendy Mariutto and tickets are $40. Call Deborah Ann at 724-348-8063 or 412-927-9679 to pre-register.

  • This class will teach you several large spreads for tarot divination. We will focus on the Celtic Cross, a manifestation spread, and a popular spread where you choose between two or more choices.
  • The spread will assist you in unlocking otherwise unknown knowledge of profitable future timelines. It is helpful to have an understanding of basic card meanings, however it is not required.
  • Please bring your favorite Rider Waite deck to class and get ready to have a great time. Please email Wendy with any questions, place “tarot spread class” in the subject box.

South Hills Pet Rescue a 501 (c) non profit organization will be there collecting donations and have an informational booth.We will also have readings, healing's, a variety of vendors, and food to purchase from Cyd's Comfort Catering. Door Admission:$5 Readings:$30 Healing's:$20


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