The Steelers and Green Bay Packers battled today. With a tie right before halftime at 7, Green Bay snuck a touchdown.  The Steelers had a field goal so the score was 14-10 at the half.

The second half of the game, Ben ran in for a touch down to make the score 17-14 after the kick.

Green Bay later challenged a touchdown...the ball was placed back at 1st and goal. Green Bay later made a touchdown happen. A lot happened that I'd say "that was a bad call"....But maybe that's just me. Steelers got cheated with that. I think the refs missed a lot.

My opinion: refs just don't like Pittsburgh. 

Steelers grabbed a nice touchdown after that making the score 23-21.

Cortez Allen ran a nice 42 yard run for a great touchdown. 31-21, Steelers with 1:37 left in the 3rd. Plus Green Bay's own guy ran into his own quarterback. 

All in all, this was more exciting than I was expecting....this game was nuts. Flags, refs... whatever.

Anyways..with two teams fighting to stay alive...after a wild game, the Steelers Fall, win against Green Bay Packers.


Final score: Steelers 38, Packers 31

Steelers with a win!

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

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