This morning Bert referenced two videos that he said were among his favorite videos all-time. The first one was Bill Burr in Philly. Bill Burr was doing an outdoor comedy tour with O&A and the crowd started to boo him. Instead of plowing through his material and getting off stage as soon as possible, Bill lays into the crowd and demolishes their entire city! He trashes all their sports teams and counts down the 12 minutes he has left in his set. This video went viral and made Burr a legend among comics. 


The second video is Jeff Ross at the Emmitt Smith roast. Bert said he loved this video because it took enormous balls to go up in an all black room and do borderline racist jokes. He absolutely crushes the crowd and never flinches. One of his opening lines: “The last time I saw this many black people in one room, Don King and Mike Tyson were handing out free turkeys.” Its gets worse after that. 


Here is Bert’s podcast where he talked about Bill Burr about the Philly rant.