It’s not uncommon to hear players parrot back to the media whatever it is that has been told to them by their head coach or their manager, especially after a tough

They also tend to repeat what’s been emphasized by authority figures when they believe in the guy and his leadership.

The relationship between Clint Hurdle and his Pirates clearly falls into the latter category.

Always creative with the turn of a phrase, Hurdle summed up the Pirates’ 5-2 loss to San Diego on Tuesday night thusly:

“It’s a team effort each and every night. That’s what we’ve been good about, picking each other up, staying positive. Shower it off tonight, shower well, Pirates love tomorrow. That’s kinda the way we’ve hung on it all year.

“We’re done with tonight, can’t do anything about this one. We gotta get ready to play tomorrow.”

Gaby Sanchez was among the Pirates enthusiastically willing to pick up where their skipper had left off.

“We had a rough game, shower it off and come back tomorrow and try to win the ballgame,” Sanchez said.

Losing pitcher Jeff Locke, likewise, was on the same page.

“I think the reason we’ve been so good this year is we’ve been able to shower off our losses and move on to the next day and not extend a skid to four or five games,” Locke assessed.

Wonder how many other guys in the clubhouse worked “shower it off” into their postgame media sessions?

Or thought to themselves about showering off this latest setback along the way to a potential pennant?

It’s yet another example of how effective Hurdle has been pushing the right buttons and motivating his players.

Previous examples have been obvious on the field.

The Pirates have lost four consecutive games four times this season, including games No. 3 through No. 6 in early April.

They’ve responded to those four four-game losing streaks by winning five of their next six, by winning three straight, by winning two of three and by winning four in a row.

Hurdle has apparently sold this team on, among other things, the Power of Shower.

Who had that?