I’d have thought a little more bang for the Joe Morrow buck would have been available.

Apparently not.

That said, the swapping of draft picks in the Joe Morrow-Brenden Morrow transaction is a significant sweetener, albeit one that isn’t going to help the Penguins win a Stanley Cup this season (the whole point of the deal in the first place).

And Brenden Morrow, in addition to being a potential fit in the grit/competitive spirit/physical nature department, is also apparently the type of presence/intangible guy the Penguins acquired when they added the likes of Gary Roberts and Bill Guerin.

And you can’t have too many of those.

“He’s been the captain down there (in Dallas) for a while, and they took the captaincy away from Mike Modano,” to give it to Morrow, Pens defenseman Brooks Orpik said. “That probably speaks volumes about his leadership abilities.

“I think when you bring new guys in you don’t want to put too much on their plate. I think he’ll probably just keep doing what he normally does. I don’t know if he’s a real vocal guy or leads by example; there are a lot of different ways to lead. I don’t think leadership’s really lacking in this room. Hopefully, he just adds to it.”

Whether Ray Shero got enough for Morrow won’t be determined until the conclusion of the Pens’ participation in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

In the meantime you have to applaud the effort, the win-now mentality.

And the level of excitement in the Pens’ locker room Sunday night suggested the players (Sidney Crosby, Matt Niskanen, James Neal and Orpik) are convinced Brenden Morrow is a significant addition.