The prevailing sentiment appears to be that another season of 8-8 or worse means that heads will roll on the South Side.

But what if the Steelers, who can finish no better than 8-8, come in below last season’s disappointment and still opt for the status quo as it relates to their coordinators?

Unless the wheels come completely off over the final three games, such an eventuality appears more likely than an upset right about now.

The defense is beleaguered and periodically susceptible to getting gashed for disasters.

But seemingly no one doubts defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau.

And LeBeau made it clear this week he still has the same desire to coach as he always has.

“Well, when I don’t you won’t be sticking that microphone in front of me, let me put it that way,” LeBeau said.

So it’s at least looking at this juncture as if LeBeau will be returning.

As for offensive coordinator Todd Haley, the reports of his impending demise may well have been greatly exaggerated.

Haley’s group has been steadily and perceptibly getting better.

They’re not there yet but they’re clearly headed in the right direction.

“What’s important to me and what gives me hope for this group as we go forward is we’ve made progress as the year has gone on,” Haley said. “That hasn’t been without
obstacles, injuries and lineup changes, significant lineup changes. We’ve been able to overcome a bunch of that and continue to make progress in most areas.

“It hasn’t translated to wins, which is what this is about, obviously. But there has been enough increase in production in most areas to feel good about what the guys are doing. The sack number has gone down. The turnover number has gone significantly down. We have
to keep going in that direction. The run game has continued to look improved.

“A lot of it is these guys continue to work. Getting growth from guys like a ‘Beach’ (left offensive tackle Kelvin Beachum), getting (tight end) Heath Miller back closer
to himself, getting (tight end) Matt Spaeth back, a lot of different factors have factored into it but one thing has stayed the same. These guys have continued to work and get better.”

The landscape could change yet again.

But the suggestion that it will come down to Ben Roethlisberger or Haley at season’s end is completely without merit.

This might yet turn out to be an offseason where the Steelers take a deep breath, dig in and opt to stay the course.