--- Hard to believe people are STILL trashing Richard Sherman on Twitter and TV after his Post-game rant Sunday night and calling a poor sport and a Thug, but they are.

Question: Anybody see Jim Harbaugh Sunday night? He was running around on the sidelines for THE ENTIRE game like Mary's brother Warren after somebody took his earmuffs off. Why isn't anyone talking about that? I realize there were some horrible calls in that game, but for him to go all "Have you seen my baseball??" on the officials was slightly to the left of conduct you'd expect from a head coach in the NFL.

I bet he watches television two feet from the screen in his underwear and talks back to all the shows and writes down things that make him pee a little bit with his marker necklace. For how he treated them, the NFC Championship officials should have been wearing Tan and Taupe tuxes. 

Not exactly invoking Chuck Noll:

Check out this hilarious video of Jim Harbaugh Deadspin put together.


---- Honestly, if you can't talk smack after you make a great play, THE play to send your team to the Super Bowl, when can you?! Richard Sherman made an incredible play that won the game. Crabtree makes that catch, 49ers win. Very rarely does it come down to that. And between two guys that hate eachother! We don't know about the history between these two. About their previous battles. They are divison rivals. Young superstars on the rise.

What do we know about their off-the-field altercations? Apparently, last year at Larry Fitzgerald's event, Crabtree made some personal and offensive comments to Sherman and then Sherman vowed revenge like Inigo Montoya in the Princess Bride. He declared Michael Crabtree the 6 fingered man and he actually got to run down the sideline with him when the game hung in the balance and say "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!" He actually got his revenge.

I don't know these two. I don't care about them really. But that is awesome. Like it or not, trash talk is part of the game. If you love football and you love Hines Ward and Ed Reed tangled up jawing at eachother after every play and Hines knocking him out of the game with a violent block, you have to love this.

---Also, check out this great video Deadspin found of Richard Sherman yelling at a tiny Spanish reporter from Fox Deportes. Its hilarious. I don't care what anyone thinks, I like this guy. He talks trash, but he backs it up. I definitely wouldn't sell my tickets if he was starting for the black and gold, that's for sure. 

I understand that sportsmanship should have a significant role in the game and that playing with respect for your opponent is important, but Harbaugh twirling like a crazy person and screaming and averaging a tantrum a quarter isn't sportsmanship at its highest level either. Why are we talking so much about a guy that got emotional after making a great play against his nemesis? Where is the outrage for Warren?  And has anyone seen his baseball?