UPDATE: HOAX! Jimmy Kimmel strikes again! Morning shows across the country have been had. Here's the link to the CBS ARTICLE with the story. In our defense, it was highly beleivable. Its Sochi. Stray dogs run that town. At least the people who thought it was a husky were also wrong.


Earlier this morning, US Olympic Luger Kate Hansen tweeted out a video of a Wolf in her hallway. The absolute sideshow of these Olympics continues to shock and amaze. Yellow water and half-built hotels are a distant memory, hell even Bob Costas' eyes are improving. Sochi has steadily employed the "Next Man Up" strategy in these Olympics. The stray dogs are no longer barking at cross-country skiers? Well then organize a  Pussy Riot protest. They have been whipped by Cossacks and are already out of jail? Well here's a Wolf in an Olympic Village hallway. Some people on the web are saying its a Husky. How do you know its a husky internet person? Do you breed Huskies? Are you a dog whisperer? Are you the person who always says they saw the twist in the movie coming before the rest of the auidence? Don't spoil our fun. Its a WOLF. White Fang is roaming the Olympic Village with Pink Eye. Put some yellow water in the hallway and blast Pussy Riot until the Cossacks come running with horse whips.