It's never too late to incorporate Humble Pie into your diet. 




Its been almost a full week since I have gone for a run.

Last Thursday I went to CMU for a track workout, because finishing a Half-Marathon had become less and less of a challenge to me. No, merely taking my body from a pregnant asian man (see Day 3 for reference) to being capable of running 13.1 miles and feeling great in less than 2 months wasn't enough, I needed to shave time off my finish time. 

Track workouts are high intensity workouts designed to increase your race pace. Runners incorporate them into their routine way before the final two weeks of training. It was snowing and it was cold and it was stupid and I got hurt. The only smart thing I did that night was pack up and limp to my car. 

I've had dull, but consistent ankle pain crop up on runs for the last few weeks. I thought I could just run through it even though it felt like the beginning of shin splints. I've also had some knee twinges here and there and some calf tightness, but nothing major. The cumulative effect of all these things scared me pretty good.

I went home and started reading everything I could find on the internet about injuries and injury prevention. Everything I read told me to rest. The whole point of all this training afterall is to get to the starting line as healthy as possible. Its not to set the pace for the Ethiopians. Although I have thought about it. Start right up front with the best runners in the world. Run with them for a solid 2 or 3 minutes, then drop back and finish last. Get the entire scope of the race. Start with Olympians, finish with Walkers. 

I am ready to get back out there, but its been a demoralizing week. Not being able to train has been very difficult to deal with mentally. I feel like its crunch time and I'm on the sidelines.

I have been as active as I could be without running. I have been going to SPIN for intense 55 minute cardio, doing band work to strengthen my hip flexors and IT Bands, foam rolling to increase blood flow/recovery, taking fish oil supplements for joint pain, drinking green tea with ginger and taking Epsom salt baths to reduce inflammation and eating a lot of humble pie to keep my focus on finishing the race as healthy as possible.