I am who I thought I hated… And I think I love it.

Thursday of last week was a big day in my training for the Half Marathon. Maybe the biggest. I had a 4.5 mile run scheduled. I also had at least 3 great excuses locked and loaded for why I couldn't run. 1. I had a terrible night of sleep. 2. We had a live show at Jergels that night that and I still had some preparing to do. 3. It was raining.

The third excuse was the most definitive. It was raining. No one would fault me if I didn’t run outside in the rain. Actually, I’ve seen people who run in the rain or in the snow or any kind of severe weather while driving in my car and I always think, “That guy must be an asshole. I hate guys like that. What’s he got to prove? Who runs through the woods when its snowing? Is he training for his fight against Ivan Drago next week?” I don’t remember Rocky wearing a fannypack and skin-tight compression pants.


Running in the rain was a mental challenge I hadn’t encountered yet. No one would fault me if I didn't run. No one would know. I just decided that it needed to be done. So I ran. In the rain. I ran and noticed the people in their cars passing me, thinking to themselves, "That guy must be some kind of asshole." It was probably the biggest accomplishment I’ve had since this process started. The whole time I was thinking of the montage in Rocky IV when Rock is running through a creek in winter boots for no reason and carrying logs. He's pulling Paulie in the dog sled and moving boulders and doing pull-ups in a barn in the middle of nowhere. I think THE RACK drew on this scene for their infomercial. They just didn't have a budget for Paulie or any of the other trainers. 


The difference between me now and me when I almost bought THE RACK is that I am who I thought I hated and I think I love it.


I ran 5 miles yesterday after running 6 on Monday. Today I rested. Tomorrow is 5 miles and strength training.