Watching the kids is great cardio.


This post was supposed to be for Thursday, but I had the live Cougar Contest Finale that night at Jergels (50 year old women in bikinis, bouncing on trampolines guys), then Friday night I was hosting an event for Jameson’s Army at the LeMont (much needed cougar cleanse with great people doing amazing work for CHD) and Saturday my sister, who lives in Boston, went into labor and Serena left on the first flight out (to be a birth coach/spiritual guide) and left me with the kids and no help (my parents are in Boston too). My sister is a long distance runner and she was doing lunges and squats in the hallway while she was in labor. I bet that little baby is in the nursery at the hospital planking and strengthening her hip flexors right now. With everything going on, writing blog posts got pushed to the back burner (with all the failed food I’ve been trying to make for the girls). My training definitely helped me prepare me for the pain and endurance required to be solely responsible for my children for 4 days, but even Hal Higdon in his prime would wince and wheeze if he had to work back to back 15 hour shifts with two princesses and no break.


Watching kids is a nightmare if you are selfish, because they need stuff pretty much the entire time they are awake and don’t really ever let you do your thing. I am their fun broker and their fun extinguisher. I have to arrange and book activities and events and then ruin their fun by telling them that thing is over. I have been really spoiled by Serena. She lets me be selfish in the name of furthering my career. She does almost everything for our daughters. These few days have been eye-opening. Did you know you have to wake up when they wake up and make them EVERY MEAL and then listen to their rambling stories and be present and play with them and watch all their cartoons and put them to bed??


My 6 year old has been heckling me since we dropped Serena off at the Airport. 


Exchange Monday morning:


Daddy do I have my backpack?


I don’t know, do you?


DAD! You forgot my backpack! 


Its your backpack, how is this my fault?


What am I supposed to do for LUNCH?


Let me text your mother. (SHIT) I will bring your lunch later. 


Dad this is ridiculous. You don't even know that I need to bring lunch. 


I went and got her a subway sandwich because we ran out of bread and had to do the walk of shame down her school hallway to bring it to her. 


Running the Half-Marathon in clogs would be easier than putting my daughter Emma to bed. She is relentless. You have to lay on the floor until she passes out. Its a prisoner-trying-to-escape situation until then. There I am laying next to her bed on two pink bunny beanbags, just waiting patiently. I hear a slight change in her breathing pattern so I start to rise, ever so slowly and then she turns over, eyes wide and tells me to get back down. This goes on for 40 minutes. I tried to sneak my cell-phone in one night, but Kennedy ratted me out from her bed across the room. They work in tandem to keep you there and they will not allow contraband of any kind. Even though this crib came with bars to keep her inside, it was only a matter of time until she became the strict warden of her own institution.



I missed Warm-up on Walnut with the SCRR on Saturday because my sister went into active labor (you think I’m selfish? Who has a baby when their brother has a social run scheduled??). My parents are a huge help with the kids too. They do so much for us. Not having them here to provide relief has added another level of difficulty to the task. I am absolutely exhausted and I haven't really done anything. Missing two days of training over the weekend hurt, but I have still been grinding and following my training as closely as I could. 


Thursday: Jail Trail 4.5 miles with an 8:30 pace. 


Friday: Gym work out. Chest and Core. 


Saturday & Sunday: Parenting Cardio


Monday: 6.3 miles with an 8:40 pace. 


I am not going for a fast time in the Half, but I notice I really push myself when I run alone. I have a 5 mile run tonight. At least Serena is back and I don’t have to put my daughter to bed afterwards.