Every meal is not your birthday dinner. When we were growing up, my mom used to cook me and my siblings a king’s meal for our birthdays. What ever your favorite meal was, that’s what you got on your birthday.

Every time I have to feed myself as an adult, I notice that birthday dinner mentality seeping in. Its like the “Top Picks” or “Recently Watched” categories on Netflix, but for food. I am scrolling through my favorites (pizza, burgers, hoagies, burritos, pizza) and seeing what kind of party I can throw for my taste buds. I'm just going to treat myself I'll say. Why? No reason. My taste buds are like the Hilton sisters. They don’t really do anything except reap the benefits of having rich parents that give them whatever they want. I'm not rich, but as far as my taste buds are concerned I am. I’m just going to treat myself. What? Yeah, I got a terrible night’s sleep so I am going to get a Venti white chocolate mocha and a donut. I was on the road with Steve Byrne once in Dallas and I ate 11 hamburgers in a weekend. Swear to god. I turned into a full-blown burger zombie for 4 days. If I have a hard time putting the girls to bed, I treat myself with a King Cone. I’ve been treating myself almost every meal for like 30 years for no good reason. 

This is an ongoing topic of discussion with the people I am running with. We talk about diet and nutrition almost every run. It is, after all, the fuel for our training. 

Yesterday morning we came into the office after the show and there were 4 pizzas from Fiori's sitting on the table labeled “Saus” “Pep” “Mush” “Plain” COME ON!! Fiori's pizza is unbelievable, but I am training and restricting my diet at the moment so I can't do what I really wanted to do which was eat an entire pizza. Randy said, "Dude you are running today, you could eat like 4 slices." This used to be my mentality. I would go to the gym to offset all the birthday dinners. I would go hard in the gym for an hour and a half and then come home and eat a pan of brownies that Serena made. My body is no longer the DeLorean from Back to the Future. I can't just put garbage in the tank and get to where I need to go.

Since I have been running I've really been thinking of food as fuel and realizing that the only thing the cheat meals are cheating, is me. I’m making the physical sacrifices so all the bullshit I eat is just me setting myself back. All my favorite foods might taste great, but I'm just not getting the mileage I need. I am looking for premium gas, super unleaded. I need high performance if I am going to get to the finish line May 4th. If I put that cheap 87 in the tank, I'm only getting 15 miles a gallon and I'm stalling out multiple times a day. Plus its just not safe to run long distance after you eat a burrito. I don't want to be in the middle of the woods and have to "Release the Crapen.” I have to be more disciplined from now till May 4th if I really want to train hard and finish strong. The good news is that my birthday isn't until November. 


Workout: Sundays and Wednesdays I have been going to Spin classes. Kicks my ass (literally) every time, but its making me a lot stronger and helping my endurance on longer runs. Great cross-training. 


Tuesday I ran the jail-trail. 4.5 miles is 42 minutes.