Serena and I went to our 2nd Spin class with my friends Steve and Pattie tonight. We broke out of our routine with the kids and brought them along because our gym has a daycare (CRUCIAL). We usually eat dinner as a family, read some books or play (my daughter Emma insists that I be the Evil Seawitch Ursula and then she locks me out of the Castle), then bath, then sprout cartoons (Caillou is a little whiny asshole. And who names their kid Caillou? It's like they got his name from listening to a deaf person trying to say Kyle), then bed. That routine is important to us, but we are dedicated to getting ourselves back to wherever we thought we were at some point in our lives. Aren't we all? I guess it depends on how long you've been out of shape. If you're trying to get back to the days when you were 9, it's going to be a lot tougher for you. 


Spinning is an intense workout. Almost too intense for me. I still had some significant taint pain and I realized something: I don't ever want to get to the point where that area is numb to an abrasive pounding. That seems to be the first step in a lifestyle change that I'm not looking to initiate. It certainly gave me a new level of compassion for women and gay guys. This is my second type of experience that I've had that has given me new found perspective.  My first experience was when Serena and I went to Lamaze class before our first child and I wore a pregnancy simulation vest. It's a weighted vest you put on that has a belly and the average extra weight woman have to walk around with every day during pregnancy. You walk around for 15 minutes and get a small glimpse of how awkward and uncomfortable it is to be a pregnant woman. It was kinda like that. But for my vagina area.



I lost a step today. My fitbit doesn't register the Spin class. I even fastened it to the pedal of my bike. Which by the way was faulty. Not sure what's going on, but the last class my handle bars literally fell off like I was Conan the Barbarian riding a huffy 10 speed. This class starts and Steve says, "You got one of the older ones, so it will probably be more broken in." Or just broken. We get into our first sprint and the metal disc wheel starts wobbling and grinding against the frame like I'm in a high speed chase and ran over the spike strip and now I'm driving on the rims. I had to switch bikes. I honestly do get a great cardio workout though and would recommend it if you are trying to build endurance or just kill all the feeling in your crotch.   


Tomorrow is a 4 mile run. Thinking about running with the pregnancy vest on.