With all the Aaron Paul sightings in Pittsburgh this week, I half thought he would be at Schenley Oval for my run tonight. Pinkman wasn't there, but we took a group picture anyways. 

4 miles BITCH! 

(I have been hanging with these guys since we drank on the 5th Green of Schenley's Golf Course in High School. Now we are all trying to lose our muffin-tops and jumpstart an active life.) 

This run through Shenley Park actually kicked my ass more than the 6 mile run on Saturday. Schenley trails are riddled with hills and inclines. I know I am getting stronger because the thought of stopping never even crosses my mind anymore. I had 4 miles to run. I wasn't stopping until I was done. The hill from Panther Hollow winding up to Phipps Conservatory had me wheezing, but I dug in and muscled through.

The mental health benefits I have gained from running is nothing short of amazing. The endless cycle of toxic food and inactivity made me a pretty miserable person. When I started my day off with a sugar-filled coffee and a breakfast sandwich I'd be buzzing for about an hour, every conversation interesting, I loved everyone and then I would crash super hard and wanna dive into a wood chipper.

I actually thought I had RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) at one point. Remember that bullshit disease? It might be a real disease, but I never had it. I was just so lazy that I wanted to take a pill that would put my legs in a coma every night. I don't know what it is supposed to do, but in my head I was hoping it was like an epidural. I did NOTHING for an entire day and then went to go to bed and my legs would have a full blown tantrum. I spent my days watching the baby and making sure she stayed alive and then I would call it a night and my legs were like, "NOOOOOO! Come on dude! Take us for a walk or something! All this back and forth to the fridge ain't cutting it!" If my legs could divorce the rest of my body, they would have. 

My new shoes are great. My ankle and knee still had some pain, but it was much more dull and as soon as our run was over there was no pain at all. And more importantly, I remembered I had a pullover that matched them! 




If you didn't get the reference at the beginning of this post Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) is in town shooting a movie with Justin Long and Amanda Seyfried. Aaron tweeted out that they were drinking at Jacks and invited the whole city to show up. It was 12:40 on Sunday.