My biggest accomplishment since I started running is driving passed the drive-thru.

Last night I got caught in no man's land. I was driving home late at night after shooting some pick-up scenes for a movie I have a small part in and I was starving. I knew there was nothing in the fridge until we go shopping and make our food for the week on Sunday. Luckily, I didn't see any neon lights on 279 inviting me to take the exit ramp and make a bad decision. I was completely sober, but that hungry girl in my brain was relentless.


Getting late night fast food is the nutritional version of getting a hooker. You're driving around desperate and alone. You drive way out of your way, usually to a shady neighborhood to find one. You pull your hat down low and talk to a strange woman who asks you what you want and tells you how much that's going to be. For the record, I've never gotten a hooker, but I imagine it ends the same way as getting fast food: crying on the toilet. 

I took the Oakland Exit coming back from Ellwood City because I never know when the hell they close the Squirrel Hill tunnel and I didn't want to sit in traffic for 3 hours. I was coming over the Greenfield Bridge when it happened. The hungry bitch in my head said, "Go to Subway Bill. Its Subway, eat fresh. Get a turkey. No cheese. On wheat. Or you know what? Get a meatball on italian herbs and cheese. That's it." I made the left onto Beechwood and Subway was closed. Now I was heading into Squirrel Hill towards Aiellos! "Get 3 plain slices. Or you know what? Get 2 pepperoni and mush, 2 plain. That's it." I was at the light at the bottom of Murray and Forward. I literally said out loud in my car by myself, "No Aiellos. I can't. Not tonight!" I turned right onto Murray, going away from pizza. "Shit." Now I was heading right for Wendys on Brownshill! "Get one or two orders of nuggets. Maybe a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, but no fries. Lets be smart about this." I was at the stop sign on Murray and Hazelwood. Again, out loud in my car, "Screw you Wendy's, I'm taking my life back!" I turned right onto Hazelwood Ave. I was pretty pumped when I turned right onto Greenfield Ave. "Home free." Then I realized I was headed for Rialto's pizza shop! "Get half a chicken parm, 1 slice and a 40. That's it."

It was the most ridiculous food battle I've ever gone through and won. There should be one of those grainy black and white re-enactments you see on Dateline about it. I got home safe without succumbing to any of the horrible decisions that lurked in the darkness, but I wasn't done. I made one last call to Conicella's for 3 pizza bagels that went unanswered. Luckily for me, their hours of operation are as odd and mysterious as the Squirrel Hill tunnel closures and they didn't pick up. I ended up making a bowl of wheat pasta and crashing. It tasted like geese turds. I like to think I was strong, but the truth is that if I wouldn't have been dressed in a hunting flannel and overalls for the movie scene I was shooting an hour before, I probably would've had pizza sauce in my ears.

I woke up at 6:50 am this morning. I stretched and met up with 3 friends to go for a run. Two of my buddies, Mike and Chris, are training for the Full Marathon and were about to run 18 miles! That's insane. Me and my friend Steve were going for 6 miles. We carpooled out to the Montour Trail by Robinson to run with Steel City Road Runners. Its really cool that there is a community of runners and people that I can talk to and ask questions and get encouragement from. It has really pushed me towards my goal. We ran 6 miles in 61 minutes. I can't believe it. That's the longest I've ever run in my life and I felt like I could have gone farther. I really feel like I've turned a corner in my training. Getting up over the 5 mile hump was HUGE. I am actually excited to run 7 miles next week. Its driving hungry at night that scares me now.