My fitbit has turned me into a human Flappy Bird. 

By the way, Flappy Bird sounds like the slang term doctors use when a woman getting Labiaplasty is unconscious.

Today was a rest day, but I still logged 8,000 steps. Since the weather was nice, I walked a few blocks to my daughter's school. I realized that I don't walk anywhere anymore. As soon as I got my own car after high school, my walking decreased by 98%. If its more than one block away, I'm driving there. I don't even pull my car to the back of the driveway because I don't want to add unnecessary steps. At work, if I have to go up one floor I take the elevator. I've stood and watched an entire Steelers game on the Jumbotron because I didn't want to walk up to the 500 section. 

The fitbit (I don't have the Fitbit Force that's been recalled for giving people rashes and blisters) has turned walking into a game. A very boring and uneventful game, but a game. I was within 500 steps of my goal one night and walked around my living room like a meth head until my wrist started buzzing. Actually, the fitbit has turned me into one of the crazy people that play Flappy Bird. I got excited about seeing "28 active minutes" on my rest day. 28 active minutes? The day is 24 hours long. That's not really something to get excited about. That is a pretty shitty percentage actually. That would be like a football player feeling like he had a great game because he picked up a dropped pass and threw it to the referee.  

I walked all the way up Lydia street in Greenfield today. I've been walking around Greenfield for over 20 years and never did that. I've run from the cops at Magee Field when they tried to bust us for drinking 40s in the bleachers. I've walked up and down Greenfield Avenue (which has gotten progressively less dangerous and scary) from Pickles to Yesterdays, but never up Lydia. Its a gigantic hill that stretches from Greenfield Ave all the way to Upper St. Hazelwood (neighborhood my uncle made up). I think I walked so much today because I'm nervous for my 5 mile run tomorrow. That will be the farthest distance I've ever run. I'm also excited because Steel City Road Runners are hosting a themed training run for St. Patrick's Day. 

Gotta get some rest and dye my running mullet green.