Bros before Toes. 

Maybe I'm just being stubborn here, but I thought we pretty much figured out footwear. You can wear shoes. Or not. What the hell are these? The Air Aborigines? 

Please don't come to the gym wearing garden gloves on your feet. It looks like your walking around on your hands. Its an optical illusion and nobody likes it. If you absolutely have to wear Skeletoes to get a good work out, you should think about getting a membership at the Castle Of Grayskull.  

I ran 3.5 miles on the treadmill today. It was right after work. I find this really helps set up a productive day. I knocked out 10,000 steps before lunch time. My pal Big Joe told me if I was going to run on the treadmill, to take it up to 1.0 incline so it wasn't so hard on my joints. Great advice Joe! 

I had a panic attack when I was running today when I thought about 13.1 miles. How the hell am I going to get from here to there? 3.5 was everything I could handle. Just thinking small now. Got a rest day tomorrow and 5 miles on Saturday. Hal Higdon's training program is very simple and a good tool to use.

My diet is bullshit. I really need to eat clean from here on out. I had Bado's pizza for breakfast and hotdogs and pierogies for dinner. I am a little scavenger too. I am constantly in the pursuit of sweets and treats. Pierogies are awesome though. At some point somebody thought, "I want to eat mash potatoes on the move."

I stopped down to Hough's bar in Greenfield and met up with my buddy Shaun Blackham tonight. He was with his dad and brother bottling beer that they had made at Copper Kettle. Shaun's dad was telling me about some place on Troy Hill called Fritz Railers that he used to get Cannibal Sandwiches from back in the 70s. Its raw ground beef with onions on rye or cocktail bread. Also, its been linked to over 50 illnesses. Didn't quite catch on like the Pierogies. There will be no Cannibal Sandwich race at PNC Park this year. Horrific name for food and disease aside, I'd still rather eat Cannibal Sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner over putting on those feet Isotoners and going to workout.