... And on the 3rd day, he rested.

I took today off under the guidance my sister, who is a long distance runner. She said if I start out training too hard, I can injure myself and that was music to my ears. It's always nice when you don't really feel like moving and someone tells you that rest is the smart move. Thanks sis! 

Here's what I think I look like after working out for a couple days

Here is what I actually look like


Breakfast: Smoothie (peanut butter, half a banana, scoop of protein, cup of almond milk) The reason I make a smoothie is because its a quick way to consume 30 grams of protein. That and I am almost always running late.

I filled my coffee mug and left it on the kitchen table. I have had the nightmare where I am at work without my pants on. It pales in comparison to being at work without my exact blend of coffee.

Snack: Heineken and a shot of Jameson. Bert Kreischer was in studio. Do I really need to say more?

Lunch: Mom's meatball sandwich, chips and an orange. The orange is the nutritional equivalent of febreezing a porta-potty. Meatball sandwich was so good though. Fried meatballs, melted provolone, mancinis bun with ketchup.

Dinner: Chinese. Chicken & Vegtables, Sushi and a couple crab rangoons. Let's call it out, today was borderline unacceptable on all fronts.

I am running with the Steel City Road Runners early tomorrow morning. Its a long run. I hope there are porta-pottys on my route. I am bringing febreeze.