Good news: last night I filled a little sippy cup with pretzel sticks for a small snack.

Bad news: Then I got out tortilla chips and finished off the three-layer dip we had leftover in the fridge.

Breakfast: Smoothie (scoop of peanut butter, half a banana, protein and almond milk)

I am down to one and half cups of coffee in the morning. This is a big improvement. Coffee has been my lifeblood for the last two years. If there was competitive coffee drinking, I think I could compete. Wait there is. Never mind.


 Lunch: Salad. Chicken Marsala and green beans. Drank water. Drinking water is boring. Its the khaki pants of beverages, but I'm training dammit.

Snack: Jumpin Ginseng smoothie (mango, banana, protein and ginseng). I got it after my run at the gym. They should call it Slow Limping Ginseng. Maybe I'm projecting.

Dinner: 3 meatballs, brown rice and broccoli. I also ate a few crusts from my daughters pizza. Oh and I had 3 pieces of bread with lunch. Brown Rice is defiantly bland.

I am very sore today. I did three miles. I say "did" because it wasn't all running.

3 miles in 40 minutes. I am on pace to finish the half-marathon just before sunset. I have to get stronger. I have noticed that I walk around the gym like I am a real runner. I am even starting to look down on other people that try to run next to me. Amateurs.


I took a little step back today as far as my steps go, but I am liking the soreness. It feels like someone ripped my legs off and ran them over with a car, but at least they re-attached them to my body. The glass is half full. Of boring water. Talk to me tomorrow.