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Bio of your host Rocky Marks,
I started riding motorcycles when I was 16.  The first bike I learned how to ride was my Dad’s 60’s something Iron Head Sportie that was chopped and raked beyond belief.  It wasn’t easy for me to convince him to let me ride it, but after a few Iron City bottles I brought out to him while he was cleaning it, how could he resist?
After I turned 18, I went to the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown and put motorcycling on the sidelines while I focused on my career in radio that took me from WGLU in Johnstown, PA to WBZZ and WZPT in Pittsburgh.  Life was good in radio, but wearing a suit to work every day was getting old… and fast.
That’s when I met up with Toby O’Brien of Hot Metal Harley-Davidson and brought me onto the sales floor.  As I got back into the saddle I began documenting my trips through the Post-Gazette and eventually back into Radio.  I guess in a sense I’ve either come full circle or found a way to enjoy the best of all of my jobs put together.  Either way, I’m very happy where I am right now, both professionally and personally.

I now ride a Harley-Davidson Ultra.  My wife has a license but prefers to ride on the back with me so she can sight-see or catch a cat nap on a long stretch of highway.  We have 3 great boys and a little girl live in Bellevue.  I ride as often as I can, and I truly enjoy my commute to and from work.

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